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In honor of the one year anniversary of the Lightspeed Delta Zulu, we are celebrating by giving you the best deal on the safest headset on the market - $100 USD (or equivalent for our international friends) off of the retail price. Fly confidently with the personalized audio experience with HearingEQity® that ensures you won't have to say "Say again" to the tower anymore. Know that your headset will always provide you with an early warning with it's always-on carbon monoxide monitoring and alert system. With all of it's dedicated safety features and the Lightspeed App platform, the Lightspeed Delta Zulu experience rises above any other ANR headset on the market. It's the most valuable aviation headset you can buy....but not the most expensive.  

Jolie Lucas Delta Zulu

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This is where I’m so glad I have the Delta Zulus because as we took off, I got an audible alarm saying that the carbon monoxide levels were too high. I was able to pull the app up real quick and look and we were up in the 60s.” - Dan Millican, CFI, host of popular aviation YouTube Channel “Taking Off”