Off Airport Landings: A guide on survival preparedness 

With this FREE eBook, get guidance and suggestions from experts and fellow pilots about what you should carry with you in an aviation survival kit, how to choose the best location and terrain in that emergency off-airport landing scenario, and what technical equipment you should have with you to aid SAR in expediting your extraction.


In this eBook, we talk about: 

✔️ What to do after an off airport landing

✔️ Choosing the right spot to enhance survivability 

✔️ The technology of the last resort

✔️ Insight from expert pilots on how to prepare for survival 

✔️ Lightspeed Survival Gear Contest winners and their survival kits

✔️ Different environments to help determine what to put in your kit 


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Nearly all aircraft have been equipped with ADS-B, sending out a constant stream of GPS-based position reports that can be used by rescuers