Get exclusive savings by being a NAFI Member 

Lightspeed is offering a unique benefit program with enhanced purchasing options solely to NAFI members. NAFI CFIs can get more than just the standard Lightspeed program offer(s) through both of our cost -saving programs: the Trade Up program and the CFI/Pro Pilot Program. This special offer will allow NAFI CFI members to combine the program offers into one opportunity for cost savings.  

Here is a description of Lightspeed's standard program offers available to anyone:

The (Standard) CFI Program

We want to reward certified flight instructors for the hours they spend in the air and the care and skills they exercise in their profession. That’s why we offer a special rebate of $200 towards the purchase of a Lightspeed Delta Zulu™ or $100 towards the purchase a Zulu 3 to qualified CFIs.

The (Standard) Trade Up Program

With our generous Trade Up Program, pilots can earn up to $400 trade-in credit towards the latest in aviation headset technology. Whether it’s an older Lightspeed headset or another brand, this program allows members to upgrade to the newest in Active Noise Reduction (ANR) technology and enjoy superior comfort, quiet, and clarity in a Lightspeed Aviation premium ANR headset.

A sample of trade up values towards the Lightspeed Delta Zulu ™ and Zulu 3 are as follows:

trade non-lsa NAFI

trade lsa NAFI


Below is Your NAFI Membership Benefit 

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(1) The Combined Program Offer for NAFI CFI members

Contrary to our standard program policies, we are allowing NAFI members to combine the above two program offers for great savings! As you can see from the standard offers above, NAFI CFI members can get up to $600 off of the retail price of the Lightspeed Delta Zulu (only $599!) or $500 off of the retail price of the Zulu 3 (only $399!) when they trade in a Bose A20 and apply for the CFI rebate. Lightspeed is giving you $600 just to get the safest headset into your hands.

Start with Your Trade


Start with your CFI rebate


(2) The Wingman Club

In addition to the combined programs outlined above, Lightspeed will also offer all NAFI members the chance to be enrolled in our Wingman Club for free. Becoming a member of the Lightspeed Aviation Wingman Club gives customers access to all the Lightspeed custom-designed accessories and replacement parts at a 30% discount for the length of the enrollment – 5 years!

Contact us directly to take advantage of your NAFI Membership Wingman Club Benefit at 800-332-2421 or

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(3) Quarterly Drawings

Lightspeed also offers a drawing every quarter to win a FREE Lightspeed Delta Zulu exclusively to NAFI members. We will reach out to you via email every quarter to remind you to "enter to win." Your odds of winning are much better since we are choosing the quarterly winner from a smaller list of people than the general public. So, be sure to keep an eye out for the reminder and good luck!