Mountain Flying: From the basics to sharpening your skills

This completely free eBook is packed with guidance to help keep you safe while enjoying your mountain flying. Learn tips about what to look out for in the climate and weather patterns in a mountainous environment so you can stay knowledgeable and safe in this dangerous terrain.

Untitled-2This eBook includes: 

✔️Mountain Flying Basics

✔️ Density Altitude and it's effect on performance

✔️Negotiating the Clouds 

✔️Speed to Fly

✔️ And More! 


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The Author - Colin Aro

Colin-Aro-2-103x103Colin is a commercial pilot and flight instructor rated for single engine airplanes, multi engine airplanes, and gliders. He holds a Ph.D. in Engineering - Applied Science, having studied atmospheric chemistry and dynamics. Colin’s favorite safety subject is mountain flying and his past soaring experience in the Sierra Nevada and other mountain ranges, combined with his academic research background offer a slightly different and entertaining viewpoint on this important topic.


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