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Add more years to your flying passion with improved cockpit intelligibility

With this FREE eBook, Critical Comms: The Importance of Clear Hearing in Aviation learn more about how noise reduction works and why hearing health is especially impactful for pilots. Includes personal pilot stories about the importance of protecting your hearing and flying with hearing aids.


Carbon Monoxide and Aviation: A Deadly Mix

We explore the dangers of CO and how pilots can be best prepared to prevent CO poisoning, as well as how to proceed if there is a suspected encounter with a CO leak. Read firsthand accounts of pilots who have experienced a range of CO exposure and their stories.

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Learn about the best practices for being prepared with this eBook, Off Airport Landings

In this eBook, we speak with experts and fellow pilots about what to carry onboard in your aviation survival kit and other tips and tricks to keep yourself safe in case of an emergency landing. 


In our Mountain Flying eBook, learn tips about what to look out for in the climate and weather pattern

In this eBook, we cover topics like mountain flying basics, density altitude and it's effects on performance, negotiating the clouds, speed to fly and much more! 

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Sharp Landings: From the basics to sharpening your skills 

With this FREE eBook, learn what goes into a really solid approach and landing, especially under crosswind conditions. In much the same way that glider and soaring training enhance a power pilot’s prowess in the mountains, tailwheel flying hones a pilot’s ability in a crosswind because of the tailwheel aircraft’s less forgiving nature.


In Path to your Dreams, we speak to fellow pilots with exciting aviation careers!

From aerobatics pilots, to flying warbirds, to directing and producing movies for Netflix, these pilots can do it all! Any aviation lover will enjoy learning more about the different pathways aviation can take you with these fun and interesting pilot profiles.

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