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Better your Approach and Landing Technique in a Crosswind

This eBook, Sharp Landings, Mastering the Crosswind, teaches you what goes into a really solid approach and landing, especially under crosswind conditions. In much the same way that glider and soaring training enhance a power pilot’s prowess in the mountains, tailwheel flying hones a pilot’s ability in a crosswind because of the tailwheel aircraft’s less forgiving nature. Review the physics and formulas involved to develop your skills. 


In our Mountain Flying eBook, learn tips about what to look out for in the climate and weather pattern

In this eBook, we cover topics like mountain flying basics, density altitude and it's effects on performance, negotiating the clouds, speed to fly and so much more! Keep your knowledge warmed up even when it's cold outside with this eBook filled with great pointers to stay sharp. 

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CO: the Odorless, Colorless Killer in the Cockpit

In our eBook Carbon Monoxide and Aviation: A Deadly Mix, we explore the dangers of CO when it seeps into your cockpit and how as a pilot, you can be best prepared to prevent CO poisoning. Do you know what to do if you suspect you’ve come across a CO leak? Read firsthand accounts of pilots who have experienced a range of CO exposure and their stories of survival in these emergency situations.


You Made an Emergency Landing. Now what?!

In our eBook Off Airport Landings, you can learn about the best tips, advice, and practices for being prepared after you have successfully landed your aircraft “Off Airport”. We speak with safety experts and fellow pilots about what to carry onboard in your aviation survival kit and other tips and tricks to keep you and your passengers safe in case of an emergency landing. Do you have the right tools in your kit? 

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Weaker Hearing? How to Keep Flying with Confidence

With this FREE eBook, Critical Comms: The Importance of Clear Hearing in Aviation learn more about how noise reduction works and why hearing health is especially impactful for pilots. This safety-focused eBook includes stories from pilots about the importance of protecting your hearing and their experiences with flying with hearing aids and premium ANR headsets.


Active Noise Reduction in Helmets: How a trusted technology can save your life

In this eBook, learn more about how having ANR in your helmet reduces background noise, allows for increased focus, better situational
awareness, and less pilot and crew fatigue. Each helmet has different criteria, so it must be able to pass the systems requirement test that we explore and explain how fitting the system in works. 

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Flying for Compassion: How Generous GA Pilots Are Using Missions to Do Good

Learn about how these pilots use their skills and passion for aviation to give back to different charitable organizations. From charities benefitting animals, assisting the brave men and women who have served our country, working with medical patients of all ages, or helping spark the interest in aviation, there's an organization for every pilot. You may even find an organization that speaks to your heart- and your aviation specialty!


In Path to your Dreams, we speak to fellow pilots with exciting aviation careers!

Read interesting stories from aerobatics pilots, pilots flying warbirds, to directing and producing movies for Netflix, and many other professional fields of aviation! Not only are these pilots passionate about aviation, but they've been able to carve out incredible careers surrounding it. You may even learn about a job you never even knew existed and every aviation lover can find an interesting story from this eBook. 

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