Generous GA Pilots Use Missions to Do Good

We talk to pilots every day and hear amazing stories of determination, people who served, worked, studied, saved—who did whatever it took to earn the freedom of the skies. What we have learned from these pilots is that most of them are also searching for a purpose and reason to express their gratitude for this freedom by giving back to their local communities. They feel honored and privileged to be a pilot.

This 32-page eBook, Flying for Compassion, is free to download and is full of stories of inspiration, but also provides tips on how you can use your skills as a pilot to become involved with charitable organizations.


In this inspirational eBook, you can read these pilot’s stories of giving back to the world through various organizations such as:

Air Care Alliance and it's many organizations

 ➕ Angel Flights West

➕Hope for Short Final

➕ Mission Aviation Fellowship


➕ Pilots N Paws

➕ SkyHope

➕ STEM Flights 

➕ Veteran's Airlift Command 

➕ White Feather Flights

➕ And much more! 


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I’ve met some amazing people, I’ve improved my proficiency as a pilot, and I’ve gotten to help people. The gratitude these passengers have is a blessing that I would not miss.”