Critical Comms: The Importance of Clear Hearing in Aviation

Are you hearing ATC calls clearly? Do you think your hearing is just fine to be a pilot, even with your hearing aids? In this free, downloadable 19-page eBook we attempt to address the concerns so many pilots have about their hearing.

Learn how noise reduction works and why hearing health is especially impactful for pilots.


In this educational eBook, we cover topics such as: 

✔️ What is the difference between Passive and Active Noise Reduction?

✔️ How ANR technology works in your headset 

✔️ Answering the question ”Does ANR block an aircraft's engine noise?”

✔️Details of how ANR can help you in the cockpit and your hearing for the long term

✔️ What intelligibility is and the importance of hearing clearly 

✔️ Stories from pilots who have experienced some mild hearing loss and how the Lightspeed Delta Zulu makes a difference for their safety while flying. 


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When you can use ANR to eliminate background noise, it allows me to hear any kind of communication—with both passengers and ATC—more accurately and at a quieter level that doesn’t damage my hearing."