CO and Aviation: A Deadly Mix

With this FREE eBook, we explore the dangers of CO and how pilots can be best prepared to prevent CO poisoning, as well as how to proceed if there is a suspected encounter with a CO leak. Read firsthand accounts of pilots who have experienced a range of CO exposure and their stories. 

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In this eBook, we include: 

✔️ What carbon monoxide is and why it's so connected to aviation

✔️ How to spot the signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning 

✔️ Stories from pilots who have encountered CO in the cockpit

✔️ Best practices for keeping carbon monoxide out of your aircraft

✔️ Finding the right CO sensor for you 

✔️ What to do is CO is present in your aircraft 


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CO poisoning can happen in homes, vehicles, and workplaces, but it tends to happen faster in aviation
because the higher the altitude, the faster CO enters your bloodstream.